Top Tips for Measuring Internal Communications

One area internal communications and employee engagement professionals often struggle with, is measurement. This was also a hot topic at the CIPR Inside 2017 ‘Make it Count conference.

While most internal communications teams try to do something to make sure they are measuring what they do, often time and resource constraints means it often falls by the wayside.

You don’t need to buy-in expensive packages or programmes to make measurement worthwhile. Here are some of mysuggestions to effectively measure internal communications:

  1. Make it specific: What is it you want to achieve? What’s the objective? May sound obvious but focus on what it is you want to measure and work backwards from there.
  2. Collaborate: Measurement is most powerful when it tells a story. How does what you want to achieve fit with the objectives with the rest of the business? Consider who else you can work with e.g. finance, marketing and HR to demonstrate the impact your activities are having on what other teams are trying to achieve.
  3. Remember it’s an ongoing process: Measurement can often start and stop with a survey. Surveys are certainly useful but they only present one part of the story. Consider an approach which is ongoing and draws on various ways of gathering insight – cost-effective ideas include workshops, regular pulse surveys and good old-fashioned conversations.


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