We help to connect people and business to create more productive, efficient and profitable organisations.
This is achieved by gathering insight and providing recommendations and strategies
which are clear, focused, inclusive, driven by research and most importantly,
focused around your business objectives.

We can help your business become the best it can be through:


Research & Insights




Training & Development



Research and Insights

We can help you understand the team a little more by gathering insights through various research methods to help you understand your team and identify what needs to be in place to help them be their best. 

Focus groups and workshops
Communications audits
Employee surveys
Case studies
Culture audits
Channel audits


Consultancy support to help you ensure that you are offering a positive workplace experience and helping your people get on board with your company’s vision. We can help you with:

Defining your vision, mission and values
Employee value propositions
Culture audits
Employee engagement and internal communications consultancy


Training and Development

A key element of engagement is to provide employees with the appropriate level of skills and knowledge that they need to get the most out of their teams. We offer a range of training, each tailored to meet your specific needs. This includes:

Management/ line manager communications training
Social media training
Employee engagement and internal communications training


Helping you communicate with employees in a way which is appropriate and easy for everyone to understand.

Creative writing
Employee / stakeholder insight & research
Employee communications strategy and planning
Campaign content development
Digital employee communications
Leadership visibility & communications
Measurement frameworks
Meaningful corporate narratives: purpose, vision, mission and values
Storytelling and development

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