5 reasons why workplaces need to be more collaborative

Why is a collaborative workplace important?

With nearly 80% of the average worker’s time spent interacting with, and giving feedback to, their fellow employees, workplace collaboration has become more fundamental than ever to the ongoing success of a business.

Employee collaboration not only creates a positive working environment but an educated workforce. A collaborative workplace generates a unified environment with employees feeling like they are a part of a family and subsequently, employees feel encouraged to go beyond the expectations of their role.

By collaborating with others enables different departments, offices, and colleagues to share and utilise key skill sets.  This can provide a more encompassing and efficient service to its audience; leading companies to potential financial, credibility and investment growth.

5 top reasons why you need to be more collaborative

As a collaborative culture contributes to better employee engagement, staff retention & recruitment and profitability, it is not the ‘how’ companies need to focus on but more the ‘why’.  Below are five top reasons why companies need to integrate collaboration into their workforces:

Better engagement

According to industry leading, consulting firm Deloitte, ‘the balance of power has shifted from employer to employee, forcing business leaders to learn how to build an organisation that engages employees as sensitive, passionate, creative contributors’.  As employees become recognised as active contributors; companies are beginning to understand the positive affects it can have on their working environment and business to sales processes.

Improved flexibility

Teamwork allows companies to adapt quickly and more efficiently if a major change has been implemented into the company creating a more proactive and responsive environment.  Giving companies opportunity to grow internally through rapidly adaptive cultures, generates better opportunity for growth and expansion and ahead of competitors.

Healthier employees

A collaborative workforce can have an overarching effect on an employee’s mental wellbeing.  Giving employees opportunity to talk, share and seek advice in an environment that is open and transparent; encourages employees to feel valued and looked after.  As the HBR advises ‘Organisations are places of human interaction not transaction’.

Meeting productivity

There is nothing worse than going into a meeting and coming out without direction or a clear purpose taking 40% of a working week.  A collaborative workforce encourages staff to actively engage and contribute more coherently and efficiently offering opportunity for fewer yet more worthwhile meetings.

Employer brand

It goes without saying that a more engaged company creates a more appealing employer to work for.  With better employee engagement and an enhanced collaborative culture that is all-encompassing, a reactive chain of positive promotion can boost the overall employer brand and attractiveness of the company.

Creating a collaborative workforce should not stop at the discussion stages; ensure that collaboration feeds into the culture of your organisation; the future of your success may depend on it!


Become Communications help businesses get the best of their employees by focusing on the areas which really matter. If you would like help in creating a more collaborative workforce, please call or email us today and we would love to work with you in creating a more engaging environment.

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