In a world where everyone is a critic, reputation has never been more important.
The people who represent you – your employees –
are the ones who will enable your business to thrive.

Become Communications helps business and people grow by bringing them together.
We do this to create positive and engaging workplaces
where everyone understands the crucial part that they play.

Our approach is based on gathering quality insights so you know exactly what people are thinking, feeling and saying about your business and the areas which might need attention.

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Research & Insights

Discover what people are really thinking, feeling and saying about your business, or a particular product, service or initiative


Expert consultancy can grow your business by bringing people and business objectives together.

Training & Development

As people grow and develop, they require the tools and knowledge to become the best managers they can be.


Helping you communicate with employees in a way which is appropriate and easy for everyone to understand.

What our clients say

  • “Having gone through a period of change, Lisa worked hard to help us redefine our proposition and messaging. She facilitated an excellent employee session which really helped to bring the team together and focus on our long-term objectives. She was very much part of the team here and I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again, or to recommend her to other business which may need similar support.”

    Senior Manager, YMCA
  • “Lisa has many professional qualities but for me it’s the enthusiasm and passion she exhibits for her work and her clients that make her stand out. Her interest in and awareness of industry developments is high, reflective of her passion and commitment. Taking a thorough approach, she takes the time to understand the challenges of the business and inspires confidence in senior leaders.”

    Director, Global Communications Consultancy

Current and Previous Clients

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